A presentation being made in an office setting with 3 people sitting at a desk looking on.

          Complete Project Management

          Our project management office goes beyond ensuring timely task completion. We get involved right at the start and go from conceptualising your digital signage solution to ensuring that everything is installed correctly. Our project managers will keep you up to date and informed throughout the life of the project. 

          We approach our delivery with a holistic view, providing deliverables that include: 
          • Strategic planning and governance 
          • Best practices and process
          • Common language, culture and mindset
          • Resource Management 

          Pre-loaded Screens

          Have your screens ready to go the moment they arrive at your location. Our project management and staging team will pre-load your brand's content on each screen. This means that even if you don't have internet connection set up yet, your screens will be ready to entice your audience.

          Extensive Deployment Capabilities

          The project management office has strong, integrated relationships with a network of qualified contractors to allow us to deliver any project, at any scale. We partner with people and practitioners we trust and have proven their position as leaders in their field. Their seamless integration into any project and quality work is always guaranteed. 

          Post-Delivery Maintenance 

          The work doesn't end with the successful deployment of your project. Our project managers will hand your digital signage network to our Support team to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Our content management team are also available to ensure your content is always fresh and up to date. 

          Entwined technicians installing a LED display onto a wall.

          Case Studies

          Discover our customer experiences

          Supercheap Auto hanging octogon panel display above a viewing area

          Supercheap Auto


          A cafe drive-thru menu displaying their food and drink sales and promotions.

          Euro Garage

          QSR + Drive-thru

          A look at the inside of an Optus shop with a wide variety of digital screen on the walls with tablets and phones showcased around the room.



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          Content Creation

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          The most robust operating systems available

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