Supercheap Auto had become the leader in domestic automobile accessories

          A prize position the directors were determined not to lose. 


          We were asked to help build a signature store in Penrith, New South Wales, which would inform the Supercheap Auto of the future.


          Our Solution

          We created an impressive 8 x 4.5m outdoor LED Wall overlooking the carpark. From their car, patrons can tune into FM radio and watch automotive events. The main custom feature is inside the store – a large ceiling-mounted, octagonal frame holding 8 x 84” interactive LG panels supported with audio by a sound shower. 

          Supercheap mulitple large screen display hanging above a viewing area
          Large LED Wall display in the entrance of Supercheap Auto

          The Result

          Customers are immersed in an interactive experience thanks to sophisticated technology integrations using kiosks, digital screens, audio and digital wayfinding. From first arrival, the drive-in experience builds the Supercheap brand which is then carried through the entire store.

          External photo of Supercheap Auto with large LED display
          Internal wayfinding touch kisok in Supercheap Auto
          Supercheap mulitple large screen display hanging above a viewing area
          Internal photo of Supercheap Auto Pit Stop with wayfinding touch kiosk
          Supercheap Auto aisle end screens

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