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          Euro Garage (EG) is a food, coffee and fuel destination that values saving time and money for its customers


          EG was looking for a way to develop an integration between its Point of Sale (POS) and its drive-thru solution. They wanted to provide attendants with real time confirmation of orders, at the time of ordering. Ultimately, this would save customers time and money. 



          The project faced challenges in developing a seamless solution to create integration points between POS and the drive-thru solution.

          Drive-thru menu of a cafe with two digital screens showcasing their specials and food items
          Close up of three digital screens dispensor kisok, the outside screens featuring speicals and the inside screen featuring cigarette prices.

          Our Solution 

          We used innovative technologies to develop a first-to-market solution that created integration points between the POS and drive-thru systems. Our solution provides real-time order confirmation to the sales attendant at the time of order, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined customer experience.


          The Result 

          The integration between the POS and drive-thru system has supported Euro Garage in delivering best-in-class service and a strong ROI for Euro Garage and its partners. The solution provides a seamless customer experience and saves customers time and money.

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