Redland city council logo

          The local government area stretching along the southern coast next to Brisbane

          Their goal was to deliver a connected network of digital kiosks for the public that can be used for both real-time transit information and as a communication portal for council and local business advertising.

          Our Solution

          We supplied vertical outdoor bus-stop plinths in single and dual-screen form factor, which take a data feed directly from the public transport agency to provide real-time route information, as well as advertisements and important council broadcasts.

          The supplied display panels are LG high-brightness, open-frame screens, designed to be weather and vandal proof. They are protected by a toughened glass screen with infrared heat-reducing technology and feature anti-reflection treatment.

          Active ventilation keeps all components cool, and the Entwined Panel Intelligent Management System (PIMS) allows for real-time monitoring.

          Redland City Council branded bus-stop plinth with a single digital screen in the middle.

          The Result

          The integrated system enhances public engagement, promotes local businesses, and provides a seamless journey experience for travellers in and around the authority. It also maximises operating capacity and provides a higher level of supportability and troubleshooting for Council.


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