Our DMPs are the secret to creating dynamic and engaging displays to capture and maintain your audience's attention

          They're compatible with various content types, from audio and video to static images, to fit any digital signage requirement. 

          Some key benefits of Entwined's DMPs:

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          Display any content you need to. Our DMPs can display images, audio and video, to allow you to create a customised and immersive experience for your audiences.


          Multiple Output Options

          Customise your set-ups to your requirements. We carry various types of DMPs, ranging from a small single-output device to more powerful, multi-output DMPs for commercial environments.

          Remote Management

          As long as you've got access to the internet, you've got access to your DMPs. The DMP's remote management feature means that you can update and schedule content from almost anywhere. You'll even be able to assign content to multiple DMPs at once!


          ChromeOS Certified

          All our DMPs are ChromeOS Certified to ensure the highest standards and efficiencies. This means that they use 40% - 70% less power compared to other devices, saving energy and extending the life of your machines. Additionally, ChromeOS is virus free and has never been hacked, ensuring your data is always protected. 

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          Cut down on the costs and time required to manage your in-store experiences. Our DMPs let you repurpose your online content in-store for a cohesive brand experience. 

          Close of up a digital media player with a hand inserting a cord into it.

          Our Latest Triple-Output Digital Media Player

          The triple-output DMP is a fresh, powerhouse release that supports up to 3 screens on a single license.

          This makes it the ultimate choice for large installations. Save on both license costs and time, since you'll only need to manage one DMP for every three displays.

          Our Triple-output DMP is Chrome OS Flex certified, allowing it to deliver unmatched performances. 

          View our DMPs in action in our Customer Experience Case Studies.

          So why wait?

          Upgrade your digital signage and media experience today with Entwined’s Digital Media Players.

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          In-Venue Music

          Elevate your atmosphere with personalised music


          Deliver a unique and dynamic journey for your audiences

          So why wait?

          Upgrade your digital signage and media experience today with Entwined's Digital Media Players.