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          Optus is a leading telecommunications company in Australia that provides mobile, broadband, and entertainment services to individual and business customers

          Yes Optus Stores (YOS) is the retail arm of Optus Networks in Australia. With over 400 retail sites in Australia, we deliver digital signage for this large, complex deployment.

          Queen on Queen

          A flagship store delivering the future today

          Shot of an the inside of an Optus store. A large curved LED wall at the back wraps around the various phones and tables attached to desks around the building.

          Brand Identity

          This telecommunications giant operates in a highly competitive field, driven by innovation and taking customer interaction ‘to the next level.’


          To deliver hardware and software for a sophisticated flagship store in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall: Queen on Queen.

          Our Solution

          We delivered an LED facade outside that engages customers and anchors the store as a landmark. Inside, we supplied a curved LED wall that detects the shopper when they pause before a handset and serves relevant content to personalise their experience. Also inside, we installed LED stair treads, a design and marketing feature, and a state-of-the-art gaming centre to demonstrate fast and smooth gaming and streaming technology.

          The advanced technology allows multiple video sources to be integrated for flexible distribution, wireless sharing of devices to any LED, and even multiple instances of sharing across the curved wall. In addition, the content management system allows seamless remote content management and synchronised rollout of content across stores.

          Girl walking up a set of LED tred stairs

          The Result

          The two-story store delivers uniquely personalised augmented and mixed-realty experiences for customers. It is an iconic venue that genuinely demonstrates the retail store of the future and was awarded Gold for excellence and innovation at the Brisbane Design Awards 2021.

          An office room, with digital screens, a desk, table with 4 seats around it and another small room at the back for gaming with a sign saying on-air above it.
          Picture of an Optus shot from outside with padestrians walking past it and and a long custom shaped LED screen running along the top of the shop with Optus on it.
          Girl walking up a set of LED tred staircase
          A shot of the inside of an Optus store, with a wall displaying a large digital screen with a Optus advert on it with a series of tables and phones underneath it.
          Inside an Optus store with a large LED curved wall display wrapped around the back wall with a series of phones and tables underneath it and around the store.
          Interal shot of Optus store with multiple digital screens
          LED isle ends and large LED wall display at YOS store
          Case Study

          Optus Bourke Street

          Learn about our solution for YOS Bourke Street that stands as a true example of the future of telecommunications retail, establishing new industry standards for engaging and innovative shopping experiences.

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