The end to end replacement solution

          The ERP is gives your digital signage network the ultimate level of protection. Not only will you have a replacement screen on site at record speeds, but we’ll pre-load your content on the screens. This means that your replacement is ready to go the moment you plug it in.


          Dual screen drive-thru mockup with digital menus

          Extended Warranty

          Get the most of your digital signage investment. Depending on your tier, the ERP extends your warranty period by 2 years, bringing the total period covered to 5 years. 

          Plug and Play Solution

          No more fiddling around to get your replacement screen working like your faulty one did. Our technicians will pre-load all your content and settings on your screen so all you need to do is plug it in to power. 


          Warehouses in Every State

          We’ll get your replacement screen to your doorstep quicker than you know it. Our widespread distribution network has allowed us to get replacements to you in a few days, rather than a few weeks.  

          Customisable Solution

          Mix and match your tiers to your network’s needs. Ensure your high priority locations never have their digital displays down for too long, while balancing costs for your remaining locations. 

          No More Call-out Fees

          Technician and call-out fees aren’t normally included in warranty packages. We include these in our ERP packages to provide the most seamless and fuss free solution possible.

          Oputs store extrenal LED wall

          How can you get the Express Replacement Program for your product?

          Step 1

          Choose your hardware

          Select the eligible hardware you want to cover under the Express Replacement Program.

          Step 2

          Select the coverage level that meets your needs

          Once you've selected your plan, register your hardware with us so that it's covered under the Express Replacement Program*.

          Step 3

          Enjoy peace of mind

          Sit back and relax, knowing that our Express Replacement Program covers your hardware. In a failure, we'll take care of everything so you can focus on your business. Don't let hardware failures disrupt your business. Instead, choose our Express Replacement Program and focus on what you do best – growing your business.

          *Upgrade your digital signage investment and align it with your store refresh program - discover the exclusive benefits of our extended warranty program, available now. With coverage extended to 5 years, you can rest easy knowing your investment is fully protected for the long term.


          Contact us today to learn more about our program and how we can benefit your business.


          The Complete Solution

          All you’ve got to do is submit an ERP claim and wait for us to replace your screen, on site. Making a warranty claim has never been easier. 



          What’s included:

          • 3 Year Warranty Period
          • 2 - 4 Week Repair Timeframe
          • Content Set Up On Site

          ERP Cover


          What’s included:

          • 3 Year Warranty Period
          • 3 - 5 day Repair Timeframe
          • Technician Call-out Fees Included
          • Content Pre-loaded

          ERP Cover


          What’s included:

          • 4 Year Warranty Period
          • 2 - 4 day Repair Timeframe
          • Technician Call-out Fees Included
          • Content Pre-loaded

          ERP Cover


          What’s included:

          • 5 Year Warranty Period
          • 1 - 3 day Repair Timeframe
          • Technician Call-out Fees Included
          • Content Pre-loaded

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