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With state-of-the-art digital technologies, Rebel’s new Accelerate store delivers an enhanced consumer experience via interactivity and user-centric innovations. Their reimagined retail space engages and inspires consumers as they experience Rebel’s products like never before through a variety of dynamic displays and kiosks.

Entwined worked with Rebel from concept through to deployment to bring their vision to life. We offered technical advice, content & interactivity, installation, plus ongoing support services to help them build a totally unique retail experience. Rebel is one of the first retailers in Australia to truly drive their retail brand into the future via technology and aren’t afraid to take measured risks, which is what Entwined helped them to do.

With the continual rise of e-commerce and price matching, retailers need to focus their bricks-and-mortar stores on providing the consumer with a seamless network experience, and that’s exactly what the Accelerate stores do.


Bondi, Miranda, Chadstone and



January 2016


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You can now experience the Accelerate Store at Rebel Bondi and Chatswood, which are just the start of a nationwide roll-out.


To re-engage customers in the Rebel brand by creating a store that offers multiple avenues for engagement.

To create more in-store participation opportunities that lead to brand discovery and loyalty.

To offer a multi-channel experience that integrates their online presence with an iconic, exciting physical location.


Engaging & Interactive Entrance: Featured at the front of the store is a 3×3 video wall displaying iconic images of the local area, accompanied by audio following consumers up the escalators.


Next, consumers are met with an interactive 5x3m LED display. Four Kinect cameras track the closest person to the display and change the content based on their position as they walk by.

An example of this interactive content is the stadium environment; stadium lighting turns on and off as consumers walk back and forth creating a stadium of sports environment. Similarly, audio moves across the display also following the consumer, as it jumps from one speaker to the next.

Interactive Game Zone: An interactive Catch Zone across a giant 3x3m video wall engages and entertains consumers with in-store sports games. As a player stands in front of the display, a Kinect camera tracks their body movements.

The content shows a football being kicked towards them, with the aim of the player perfectly marking 10/10 kicks. This is the perfect interactive solution for entertaining consumers of all ages.

Endless Aisle: Consumers have the opportunity to browse and order over 150 products via the touchscreen Endless Aisle. They can build their own shopping list, print it out and complete the transaction at the counter; streamlining the traditional transaction process


But not only does the Endless Aisle benefit the consumer, it gives Rebel access to more floor space as they no longer need to stock bulky items in-store.


Additional Digital Displays: Eye-catching video walls are scattered around the store, showcasing engaging, moving content.


These displays bring leading brands to life, such as Nike, Under Armour and Adidas.


Analytics: We created a web backend to view real-time analytics for our activations. Rebel can view how people are using the Endless Aisle, such as seeing the most popular product searches over time. Rebel can also see how many people are using the Catch Zone and sharing on their social media.

Analytics gives Rebel valuable information on their shopper's preferences, movements and habits.

Tech Used:

1 x landscape video wall – 3x3 entry wall

2 x portrait video wall – 3x3

47” video wall panels

1 – football catch xbox connect camera with zotac

1 – footwear signage

Panphonics directional audio and speakers

Zotac media players

84” LG - fangear

RTI control with XP6

Ipad w RTI app control


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We’ve currently earmarked four Rebel locations as ‘Accelerate Stores’ – Bondi, Chatswood, Miranda and Chadstone. We’re using these as our new concept stores, creating an immersive experience for our customers, and leveraging digital to do so.

Wayne Tozer

Executive General Manager Retail


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